Monday, July 25, 2011

Today was a very tiring day as I finished batches upon batches of choux pastry chuvanela. I had to buy the ingredients first from this special store where I get the most fabulous discounts! Anyway, the cashier was new so I had to tell her who I was so I could save up to 50% in purchases. Whooh. 
Next, I had to  redo my list for tomorrow's meal. It is going to be special adobo. These are the ingredients:
  1. 1000 grams chicken thighs
  2. a packet of laurel leaves
  3. a packet of black,black very dry peppercorns
  4. a bottle of only the best Marca Pinya soy sauce
  5. a bottle of Rose vinegar
  6. a bottle of cooking oil
  7. a bottle of Liquid Sosa (not related to adobo but necessary on list so I won't forget)

Good luck to my assistant Falcinho tomorrow. That is not really his/her name but s/he is prone to theatrics and other exaggerations. Other than these annoying tics, s/he is an angel.